You can manage your user settings on the settings page.

Subscribe to my calendar

You can easily import all the events you've been invited to or created into to your calendar program of choice. Google Calendar, iCalendar, Outlook etc.

Go to your settings page and click on "subscribe to my calendar". Settings page screenshot

Clicking this link will open it in your calendar program and you can subscribe to it from there.

It should auto update with any new events you create or are invited to.


This is how your name will appear on the invite list of an event. Your name is also listed as the creator when you create an event.

Email and Phone

We only require an email or phone but you can supply both. You must verify your phone or email if you change or add it. You will be sent a link to complete verification. Follow that link to verify your email or phone. [1]

Time zone

We can format and display event dates more accurately if we know your time zone.

Merging Accounts

When you are invited to an event, we lookup if there is a user with that email address or phone number. A new user record will be created if we can't find one. [2]

For example: You signed up via email and did not set your phone number. Someone then invites you to an event using your phone number. The new invite would not be linked to your current account. To view this new event you would have to log out and log back in via phone.

Juniper City is able to merge these accounts together. To start visit your account settings and input your phone number. You'll be sent a link to verify your phone. After clicking that link your phone will be verified.

After verification you can see any events you were invited to by phone or email under one account. Any new events you are invited to via email or phone will show under this account. Once verified you can log into your account via email or phone.

  1. Until you verify your email or phone your previous contact will be used. ↩︎

  2. Merging accounts works for email or phone. We just use phone in this example. The process would be the same for email. ↩︎