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Inviting People To Your Event

After you've created your event, you can invite other to it.

Invite People Form Screenshot

Click on the "Invite People " button to show this form

You can optionally provide a name for the invitee. [1]

You must provide either an email or phone number of the person you want to invite. [2]

The invitee will receive a link to the event you invited them to. They can then view and RSVP to the event.

Note: Inviting the same person by email and then by phone are considered separate invites unless they have linked their phone and email on our site. This limitation is due to the fact that we do not know what email or phone belongs to what users. As such they will also appear as separate invites in the invites list.

  1. Invitees can add or change their name when they RSVP ↩︎

  2. If you provide both and email and phone number only the email will be used ↩︎