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Groups are a way to keep events organzied. It allows you to see related events in one place. It also makes it easier to let the people you add to a group to see your events without you having to invite them everytime.

A useful reason for making a group could be for your family events. You can create a group for your family and add them as members to the group. Now whenever you create a family event anyone in your family group should be able to see it. No need to re-invite and remember all those emails and phone numbers!

Creating a group

Groups are easy to create.

Create a new group form


You'll want a name for your group. It can be anything and does not need to be unique

Custom Path

Normally the url for your group will be something like:


However you can make a custom path for your group.

For example if you chose "my-group" your url would then be:


Custom paths must be unique. They can only contain numbers, lowercase letters, and dashes.


Description for your group visible when someone visits your group page.

Keep this group private

Whether or not not the group is private. Learn more about public and private groups here.

Allow other members to invite By default only you can add new users to the group. If you check this option anyone in the group can add others to the group.

Public and private groups

When you create a group you can choose to make it public or private. Whether a group is public or private the rules for public and private events created in those groups still apply.

Public groups

Public groups can be seen by anyone and shared by anyone.

Although public groups can be seen by anyone, only their public events can be viewed anyone.

Private group events can be viewed only by someone in the group or those invited to that event only.

Public groups do not allow anyone to join by default unless added by a group admin. This setting can be changed to allow anyone to join a public group, in the group settings.

Private groups

Private groups can only be seen by group members.

Public events created by private groups can be seen by anyone.

Private events in private groups can only be seen by group members or those invited to the event.

Only those added by a group admin can join a private group.

Adding people to your group

After you create your group you can add people to it.

Start by click on the "Add someone to group" button on the group page.

Invite someone to group form

Adding someone to a group functions the same way as inviting someone to an event. With all the same caveats.

Once they are added to the group they will be able to see the group and all its events. As well as receive a notification about new events created in the group.