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Creating an event

Creating an event in Juniper City is easy. All you need by default is a name, date, and a description for your event.

Event creation page screenshot

We suggested putting a location for your event so people can find it.[1]

You also have a few other options when creating your event. [2]

Create event in group

You can optionally attach the event to a group are a member of. You also must be allowed to create an event in that group. Currently only group admins can do this.


Check this box if you would like to keep your event private.

Learn more about public vs private events here.

Show participants

You can select this option if you want people who RSVP'd to this event to be visible to anyone who can see this event.[3]

Learn more about showing participants here.

Allow Comments

When you check this option it allows people invited to the event to comment and discuss the event.

Allow Participants to invite others

When this box is checked it allows anyone invited to this event to further invite others to this event. If you leave this box unchecked only you will have that ability.

  1. You can't currently search events by location. ↩︎

  2. You are able to change any of these settings later if you edit your event. ↩︎

  3. People who RSVP privately won't show up to anyone but you ↩︎